Selling Expired domains for PBN or money website.

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Selling Expired domains for PBN or money website.

Postby narcon » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:11 pm

Selling high quality expire domains for grow up your search engines rankings or rank in the search engines in the best pages for your niches and your website using this expired domains (PBN) method.
The domains have a next metrics:
TF 10+
CF 10+
DA 10+
PA 10+
RD 10+
Also our domains you can use for PBN (private blog network) or simple you can redirect them, and you can use them as money website.
The prices are various, totally depends on your domain metrics.(from 5$ to 20 $ per domain)
We have also another type of domains, like the backlinks profile Domains.
They are very helpful and powerful to ranking in the search engines also, because they have a great backlink profile what's means they have a lot of high-quality backlinks from Authority websites like (huffington post which have 90 DA(domain authority) Mashable, wired, wall street journal and more other powerfull authority website)

What you will have if you buy from us expired domains?
    High-quality domains for pbn or money site
    100 % spam free(without any Chinese, Russian or Thailand etc. spammy links or keywords in the domain
    High-Quality metrics TF CF RD DA PA 10+
    Great backlink profile (backlinks from the biggest authority website like mashable, Huffington post etc


Here is my expired domain list: ... s=58541708

Also we offering website rebuilder services(if you buy an expired domain and you would like to restore the history from that domains like images, links, videos, so the all website we can make for you right now. The price is only 3$ per website) full website recovery(we will give you all data from that domain)

Having Questions?
Feel free to PM me or add me on skype tomas.p965 if you have any question about this service!

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what is best PBN tool for searching expired domains?

Postby Danny_Seo » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:01 am

PBN Premium Tool provides all the information about expired domains like : Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Spam score etc.

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