How To Become More Popular on Twitter and Explore Your Servi

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How To Become More Popular on Twitter and Explore Your Servi

Postby mixmoneyonline » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:48 am

It is a fact that humans are social beings. Perhaps that explains the advent of social networking sites as Twitter. Various social networking initiatives are not only made for connecting with family and friends but are made with the intention of making people meet in real too.

Internet has reduced the physical distances that exist between people and through the medium of social networking sites as Twitter, people are able to communicate with each other on a more personal level, irrespective of their location in any part of the world.


Meeting new people and making friends on Twitter is not a hard task if you pay attention to certain imperatives. Below are listed some measures that you can follow in order to initiate better communication with friends and family and also make new friends on Twitter.

1.) Making the Twitter profile look nice

It happens that in real life when you intend to make friends or are looking for socializing, you would like to look and appear approachable. You would be amused to know that the same specifications apply to social media websites in general and Twitter in particular. The Twitter account should look decent as this is the first thing that any potential follower will consider before they finalize the consideration of following you on Twitter.

The best course to adopt is to stick away from the standard default Twitter profile that calls for uploading a profile picture and filling some of the basic information. To make the profile look innovative and attractive at the same time, you need to give some insight into the kind f personality you are. Remember in real life people look for clothes and shoes to make an impact. In the virtual world it’s your online profile. Make it impressive and see the difference it makes to your presence on Twitter.

2.) Finding Twitter users who have similar interests

It is a common fact that two people bond better if they have something in common. The same applies to your presence on Twitter. After you have made the Twitter profile, it is time to look for some like minded friends. Twitter search bar will come to your rescue in such situations and all you need to do is to use it intelligently. You can type in the keyword and help find people with similar keywords. This can be in their usernames or in form of some of the tweets that these people have posted. Let us understand this with an example. If you have a passion for songs, you can key in a search for people tweeting about the songs that you like. You will not only be able to find some people will similar interests but will end up finding some great people who can become your worthy friends in real life too.

Start tweeting to each other on your common interests and soon your Twitter account will be full of innovative and young minds who share ideas and concern similar to you.

3.) Being active on Twitter

Being active on Twitter is a key way of meeting new people. When you use your Twitter account on a daily basis, you will come across a range of people who have something of interest to share with you. This will not only keep you motivated but will increase your knowledge base and you will be well informed on various developments in your niche areas of interest. An imminent benefit of connecting and finding new people on Twitter is that you are able to expand your horizon and by posting worthy tweets and following others, you will get a step closer of finding genuine friends on Twitter who can be of much help in real life too. Be active on Twitter and realize the benefits of this platform.

4.) Un-following people who have dissimilar interests

This is also a key imperative when it comes to choosing the right kind of people on Twitter. At time the urge of connecting with like minded people is so severe that one ends up having people in friend list who are not of your liking. This makes the task of making the Twitter account innovative and attractive less likely. If you have suffered from similar kind of concern, its never too late. You can always unfollow people and help keep the Twitter profile well maintained.

At times go through your Twitter account and remove people who have not been active for long. Keep the list fresh and updated. The idea is to reflect your real self in the Twitter account.

Adhere to these measures and see the difference it makes to your online presence.

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Re: How To Become More Popular on Twitter and Explore Your S

Postby bsteve » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:29 am

Thanks for sharing this.

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Re: How To Become More Popular on Twitter and Explore Your S

Postby steveposter » Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:41 am

You need to be consistent to add some target audience and share them interesting information from your brand and this will establish your reputation.

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Re: How To Become More Popular on Twitter and Explore Your S

Postby mixmoneyonline » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:52 am

steveposter wrote:You need to be consistent to add some target audience and share them interesting information from your brand and this will establish your reputation.

Okay sure I will keep this in mind.

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Re: How To Become More Popular on Twitter and Explore Your S

Postby DivyaShravani » Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:04 pm

Profile Image: It’s really important to add an image to your profile. In case of a business account, you can upload your individual pictures so that people identify the face of the brand. People don’t want to connect with a faceless individual or brand. You can also hire social media marketing services that can help you with it.
Profile Bio: Again, bio writing has to be done very carefully and professionally. It should be able to represent you and your company adequately. You also have an option to link this page to your own business or webpage.
.Header Image: Header image is as important as your profile image. You should try to make it as creative and unique as possible. Creating a header image with the account users linked to their personal Twitter accounts can help people identify the names of those working for the brand.
Right Tweet: What this basically means is that you want to be on Twitter and engage your followers with sensible content and not over-Tweet and drive your followers away. Also, it’s advisable to share a combination of personal, professional updates and trending topics. Try to include material such as brochures, website link etc. SMM Companies can guide you by assisting in choosing the right tone or phrase for your material.
Hashtags: Using # hashtags # at relevant places is an important feature of Twitter. According to a research, tweets that have hashtags are twice more engaging than the ones that are without them.
Images: Images are not just attention-grabbing, they are also a good breather from the vast stream of links that we normally see on Twitter.
Follow: Follow people sensibly. Retweet sensible and meaningful content. This will automatically make people follow you.Another way of getting more followers is by retweeting the tweets of your favorite users with your edited version.
@ Tag: Naming the influencer with the @ tag will help you to get noticed by the influencer, and in case your influencer follows you or retweets your content, it would mean reaching to a huge number of followers of your influencer who may also want to follow you.
Retweets: You can do it simply by putting a “Please retweet” message alongside your tweet. Asking for a retweet from your followers isn’t such a bad thing if it helps increase your retweets by up to four times and get more followers.
Sharing Others Content: Like us, everyone else is also trying their best to earn most followers. This forum is not just for selling. It is about connecting and creating two-way relationships. Hence you need to share other people’s content and they will surely reciprocate by following you.
Best Time to Share Your Story: Simply tweeting is of no use unless you gaugethe best time to do it. Your main motive is to get viewed by maximum people and get retweeted. Hence you need to know the peak time when most of your followers are logged in and accordingly schedule your tweet. In fact, if you are using SMM Services, they can also help in sharing your content across other popular channels.

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