Make Money With Facebook

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Make Money With Facebook

Postby mixmoneyonline » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:43 am

So far, we’ve looked in detail at most of the new advertising initiatives that Facebook has recently introduced such as Social Ads, Pages and Beacon, and concluded that, at least at this moment, there is probably not a great deal of money being made. There is one aspect of Facebook, however, where there certainly is money being made, and quite large amounts of it too. This is in the area of creating what are known as ‘applications’ for Facebook. These are best described as additional third party software programs or modules that can be added to you Facebook profile or home pages to add functionality or simplify matters. So, when we were looking at making your Online Store page as attractive as possible, it was suggested that you should add video and picture applications as one step towards doing so. Applications for Facebook have been around for quite some time now, and with the recent creation of the F8 platform, application development has take another significant step forward.

Developers are now able to create applications that are readily and easily integrated into Facebook because they have been given access to the same source code that Facebook themselves use. This clearly makes it far easier to build the applications that will then enable users to interact with their associates, friends and your business much more easily.


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