Building Permission-Based Backlinks: Simple <> Easy

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Building Permission-Based Backlinks: Simple <> Easy

Postby davidsmith21 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:07 am

Simple <> Easy
You need to become a master of sharing your information with people who will want to read it. It really is that simple. Let me be more clear.

When you look up something on Google, you very, very often start by typing in one of three things: a question, a product or service, or a topic.

Therefore, if you’re looking to build backlinks on a blog post, such as “How to grow big, red roses” You’ll want to appeal to Google for the topic (growing roses) the product (rose growing product) and the question (how do i grow red roses).
Permission Sharing Your Posts
Looking at niche pages, forums, and subreddits (gardening or roses as a topic to look for) and posting to the pages about your knowledgeable article will not only drive traffic to your site (these people are interested in your product, so why not?) but It will also create a backlink to your blog post. This means that Google may notice that people think that your blog post is useful, and are linking to it from other pages. Bloggers may pick up the link. This increases the validity of your blog.

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