R.M. Williams Hands Over Digital Marketing Duties To Yoghurt

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R.M. Williams Hands Over Digital Marketing Duties To Yoghurt

Postby richardmsmith » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:13 am

Yoghurt Digital will be responsible for leading R.M. Williams’ e-commerce platform through SEO and performance strategy to drive growth.

Bree Ferguson, digital marketing manager at R.M. Williams, said: “The team at Yoghurt Digital are not only experts in their fields; they are also extremely professional, welcoming, transparent and great fun.

“With clear communication between the teams at Yoghurt Digital, transitioning our digital marketing across has been extremely easy.

“Knowing that the team has such strong connections with Google and other vendors demonstrates that they are clear leaders in the game.”

Yoghurt Digital co-founder Michael Laps said: “With every element of digital marketing trackable and measurable, being ‘data-driven is no longer a buzzword, but an essential metric for achieving solid growth for our clients.

“Our recent wins like R.M. Williams play in highly competitive spaces. With cost per acquisitions rising, our experience shows that the key to customer retention is understanding how to discover, test and refine both the user and customer experience.

“Add to this a strategic optimisation of SEO and SEM campaigns and you’ve got a winning formula. It’s about knowing what levers to pull.”

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